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STA113 Focus on The Knee Pt1 : ’The Adolescent Knee’ with guest Angela Jackson

August 19, 2022

Regular host Matt Phillips returns from sunny Cyprus to bring us THREE episodes of the Sports Therapy Association podcast focusing on the KNEE. In this episode 'The Adolescent Knee', Matt's special guest is Angela Jackson, a physiotherapist on a mission to provide fellow health care professionals with tools to reduce the amount of injury we see in youth sport - injury that all too often with the right education could have been avoided.

Angela's website includes a fantastic series of courses for health care professionals including “Assessment, Diagnosis and Return to Play of the Adolescent Knee” and “Injury to Return to Play - Adolescent Knee and Low Back Pain”.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • The ethos behind 'Active Kids are not Mini Adults'
  • Just because you have the skills to work with an adult knee does not mean you have the knowledge to work with a child's knee.
  • Details of the ‘Assessment, Diagnosis and Return to Play of the Adolescent Knee’ on Angela's website.
  • Using a Paediatric Pathology Quiz (X-ray photos) on the course to help set a baseline of knowledge.
  • Question: Is there a gender disparity between knee conditions in young athletes? • Hypermobility and Valgus Angle
  • How to engage younger athletes so they comply with recommended exercises
  • Question: How common and successful is surgical intervention? • How accurate are screening protocols, e.g. measuring Q-Angle?
  • Question: Fractured femur, lateral displacement, ACL ruptury in 20 year old athlete
  • Rehabilitation & realistic expectation
  • Choosing CPD that will help the individual therapist • Patellofemoral Pain - differences in anatomy between adults and younger athletes
  • Osgood Schlatter’s Disease - potential misdiagnosis
  • Patella Alta - asymptomatic vs symptomatic

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Our sincere thanks to Angela Jackson for giving up her time to be a guest on the show.

Aug 23rd - 'Patellofemoral Pain' with specialist Claire Robertson
Aug 30th - ‘Do I need Knee Surgery’ with Consultant Orthopaedic Knee Surgeon Jonathan Bell

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